MSC has adopted the FINA rule book


For the past number of years, Masters Swimming Canada (MSC) has developed its own rulebook.  This endeavor has been time consuming and costly with no real overall benefit.  When FINA made rule changes, addendums had to be published and sent to all clubs.  Any changes had to be noted and added to the next edition of the MSC rulebook.



FINA is the governing body for swimming and spends considerable time and money developing and adapting or changing swimming rules which MSC must follow.  MSC recognizes that Provincial organizations have found it necessary to adapt some of the logistic rules to meet local requirements, such as, combing genders.  The Competition Committee has instituted the following rules for National Championships:

  • All events will now be seeded slowest to fastest and by gender.  50’s and 100’s will no longer be seeded by age.
  • Mandatory positive check-in for 800 and 1500 events.  Closing time for check-ins will be set in the meet package.  Distance event seeding will be done after closing time.


Greg King

MSC Competition/Rules Committee Chair

MSC Referee in Chief


Click HERE to see FINA Masters Rules.

Click HERE to see MSC Warm-up Rules

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