Million Metre Challenge

The Million Meter Challenge was designed to promote swimming for health and fitness. The program encourages regular participation through tracking of cumulative distance swum as an individual or as a team, and recognition as swimmers reach various milestones. Registered swimmers record the distance swum in each workout and the system tracks their progress and calculates statistics.
When they reach a milestone distance, swimmers receive the awards for that distance, which are:

  • 100,000 m - a certificate and a swim cap
  • 250,000 m and 500,000 m - a certificate, a swim cap and a pin
  • 1,000,000 m - A badge, a pin and a swim cap

The awards will be mailed out to clubs, which can then give it to their swimmers.

The Million Metre Challenge program is widely based on the honour system as there is no realistic way to check whether the distances entered were actually swum. No one benefits if participants enter inaccurate data.To make the system useful, fair, and worthwhile, we ask that you adhere to the following rules.
Please read the Million Meter Challenge rules before starting to enter your distances.


  1. Only distance that was swam after you registered with the system is eligible. Retroactively entering milage you swam before joining the program is not allowed.
  2. You must enter distances by workout and correctly enter the date on which you swam the workout. Entering a total distance for the week or month is not allowed. One of the goals of the program is to collect statistics on the frequency and duration of workouts for masters swimmers, combining multiple workouts into a single entry invalidates these statistics.
  3. Distances should be entered into the system within one month of when they were swum.

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