The Timed 10




“The Timed 10” – Any Pool any time!

This program allows you to check your basic endurance and the progression of your speed and efficiency at three points in the swimming season.

September “Timed 10” #1

When you begin the season, the goal is to see how many lengths you can complete without stopping in a 10-minute period. If you have to stop; that’s ok as you’re just getting started. Simply make a note of how many lengths your completed in 10 minutes and enter it into the MSC site so you are able to compare this to your future 10-minute swims.

February “Timed 10” #2

You’re midway through your training cycle. Since you have been swimming at regular times each week the goal during this 10-minute timed swim is to improve the number of lengths you can complete compared to your September swim. You should expect to see between 10-25% improvement over the number of lengths you could complete from September.

June Final “Timed 10” #3

You have now been swimming 2-4 times per week for 10 months. Repeat your “Timed 10” swim with the fastest stroke you possess and enjoy the sense of accomplishment at how many more lengths you have been able to complete compared to you first “Timed 10” back in September.

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