What is Masters swimming?

Masters Swimming is an organized program promoting fitness for adults through swimming. Swimmers from all around the world can participate whether they swim for health and fun or to compete at different levels. The minimum age to be in a Masters program is 18 and there is no limit!

Why swim with Masters?

Unlike swimming with age groups, you can choose how many times a week you want to train and whether you want to compete or not. It’s also a great way to stay fit (see our Fitness and Health page) and meet new people. And, since you’re all adults, nobody is there because their parents forced them to—they actually want to be there, helping to create a positive training atmosphere.

Why compete?

Competition as a Master is always optional; however, it’s the best way to help you set goals and track your progress. The events are swum with people of the same speed, but the results are organized in age groups. Some swimmers go there to perform and break records, while others want to see how much they’ve improved and be part of a team. The feeling of satisfaction and pride after a good meet is like no other, especially when you know you gave it your all — and coming back home with a few medals around your neck is also always fun, no matter your age.