About Masters Swimming Canada

Masters Swimming Canada was founded in 1971.

It all began with fitness and competitive swimming programs for adults. Since then, MSC has worked in collaboration with partners, provincials organizations and over 250 Masters club to become one of Canada's largest adult fitness population: 10,000 members aged 18 to 105 are registered and participate in activities offered by MSC and its partners. MSC supports and encourages adult swimmers of all abilities while promoting its organizational values: fun, friendship, health, wellness, participation and achievement.

MSC is a not-for-profit organization.

Our Mission 

Provide leadership and enable Adult Canadians 18+ in the participation in masters swimming; engaging them throughout a lifetime of growth, discovery, and personal achievement.

  • MSC will play an active leadership role in the development and support of adult swimming in Canada
  • MSC will develop, promote, enhance, and grow adult swimming in Canada
  • MSC will support adult swimmers and the organizations that serve them

Our Vision

To promote involvement and lifelong engagement in the masters swimming community through programs, competition, coaching, and strategic partnerships

Our Values

Fun and Friendship, Health and Wellness, and Participation and Achievement

  • Fun and Friendship
    We encourage camaraderie in and out of the pool and the fun that goes along with it. We want members to feel as though they are part of a community, either within their club, provincially or nationally.
  • Health and Wellness
    We recognize that living a healthy lifestyle is just as important outside of the pool as a swimmer’s practice in the water. We are committed to inspiring individuals to become active participants in their health.
  • Participation and Achievement
    We believe in fostering a supportive environment that allows swimmers to challenge themselves and exceed their expectations in competition or in a recreational capacity.

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Our Vision

We believe every adult swimmer in Canada should be aware of and have access to swimming programs and resources that enhance their swimming experience.

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Not quite sure where to start?  Swimming offers a number of health benefits and you can participate in a number of different ways.

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There are hundreds of pools across Canada, and there's one for every one. Some are big, some are small, some warm and some cool.

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Looking to swim with others in a more structured environment, or maybe swim in a meet. We have over 200 clubs across the country to choose from.

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