Open Water

Open water swimming takes place outdoors, in bodies of water like oceans, lakes, and rivers. In Canada, we are lucky enough to have plenty of those, making it the perfect place to try out this both young and old discipline

It was first presented at the Olympics in Beijing, in 2008, but its origins go back way before that, in the ancient times.

Since 2008, the sport has known a boost in popularity with many racing opportunities added each year. It’s a great way to challenge yourself and try another form of training!



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We are excited to announce that the LOST Race will again host the MSC Canadian Open Water Championships!

On August 17, 2019, the Lake Ontario Swim Team, or LOST Swimming, will hold the 12th annual LOST Race (3.8k) and LOST Mile. This open water classic, and founding race of the Global Swim Series, is a crowd favorite.

The 3.8k, iron-distance race is a point to point race along the shores of Lake Ontario in Oakville. One of the most special parts of the race is that swimmers get to swim through the backyards of some of the most beautiful and expensive mansions in North America, so make sure to breathe to that side!

Over the first dozen years of the race the water conditions have generally been very comfortable, with the water temperature about 70F/21C and calm. Though this is open water swimming and we have had two years that have been chillier, but therein lies the adventure.

Being a perennial favorite, you have a chance swim against a few hundred others swimmers, including: Olympians, NCAA & CIS swimmers, accomplished marathon swimmers, masters swimmers and lots of Ironman triathletes. But the majority of swimmers are new or intermediate open water swimmers that are there for the challenge and adventure that this fun and very inclusive event presents. The cool medals and great swag doesn’t hurt either!

If you want to practice your open water swimming and get a feel for the location and Lake Ontario, you can always register with for their Saturday morning swims too.

You can get more information and register HERE

LOST Swimming is also the founder of the Global Swim Series (GSS) and the LOST Race is one of the original races in the GSS. The GSS is the largest swim series in the world, with over 175 open water races, in 36 countries... and still growing. So check out to find other open water races in Canada and all around the world!






Planning to train for this event, follow our easy to use training plans for swimmers of all levels.


Entry-level swimmers who have limited aquatic experience and little to no fitness conditioning. Able to swim 100 meters.



Adults who possess a modest level of swimming ability and feel comfortable swimming as a form of exercise. Can swim 100 meters in roughly 2 minutes and 45 seconds



Adults who have moderate to strong aerobic fitness levels and are capable of swimming freestyle at different speeds during a workout. Can swim 100 meters in 2 minutes or faster.