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Why join Masters swimming?

Swimming is not only a great way to stay in shape and challenge yourself, it’s also a skill that could save your life. Each year, in Canada, almost 500 drowning occurs, most of which are preventable. By joining a Masters swimming program, you’ll learn to swim properly, but also have fun with it, be part of a team and challenge yourself on a regular basis.

It’s a low-impact sport that allows you to improve your overall strength, muscle tone and cardio. While in the water, you only have a bear a small percentage of your body weight, making it a perfect exercise if you are overweight, suffer from arthritis or sore joints, or if you have an injury that keeps you from enjoying other sports. Also, because water is denser than air, it’s harder to move through, so that every single move you make becomes a resistance exercise.


It’s a great aerobic exercise. It serves to strengthen the heart, making it larger and more efficient in pumping. It’s also proven to lower blood pressure and “bad” cholesterol, and it’s a big calorie burner, so it’ll help you lose weight and stay fit!

Regular exercise also helps lower your stress-level, so that you can feel more relaxed, sleep better and enjoy your everyday life more.

There is no age limit. How about becoming a world-record holder at the age of 103? Sounds pretty fun, right? With Masters swimming, anything is possible if you work hard enough. That also means that you can enjoy swimming with your whole family all at once! You can read this article for reasons why swim parents should join masters.

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