MSC Program News for October 2016

MMC Update:

** During the transition to the new website & until we shut down the old website, please enter your metres on either the new website or the old website; but not both. This will ensure we have an accurate total when we merge/transfer the data to the new website. If you have questions or comments on using the new website or about the programs please contact

The top 5 clubs in the Million Metre Challenge for October 2016 were:

  1. Nepean Masters Swim Club (1,318,850m)
  2. Maitres Pointe-Claire Masters (1,272,845m)
  3. Halifax Chronos Masters SC (1,185,975m)
  4. White Rock Wave (986,828m)
  5. Trillium Y Masters Swim Club (972,250m)

The top 5 Swimmers in the Million Metre Challenge for October 2016 were:

1.  Linda Hunt Halifax Chronos Masters 148,000m

2.  Patricia Grant Halifax Chronos Masters 145,700m

3.  Robert Landriault CN Gatineau 141,000m

4.  Megan Dodge Nepean Masters 116,50m

5.  Wendy Babits Trillium Y Masters 105,700m

*We are unable to list everyone who has achieved an award level, so each month we will be highlighting a few individual achievements in the Million Metre Challenge.

Congratulations to Pierre Veilleux of Sainte-Foy Haute-Saint-Charles who has now swum the most metres of any swimmer in the country and recently hit 13,073,500 metres!


Congratulations to the following swimmers who reached 1 Million metres in October:

Terri MacDougall Middlesex 1,121,925m
Sheila Treleaven Middlesex 1,115,684m
Ian Sutherland Halifax Chronos Masters 1,101,900m
Matei Petrescu McGill Masters 1,096,300m
Michael Harvey Rock Swim 1,085,382m
Avi Mednick Thornhill Masters 1,031,500m
Craig Slater White Rock Wave Masters 1,029,600m
Sue Phippen Cornwall Sea Lions 1,029,230m
Lynda Robitaille  Maitres Pointe-Claire 1,002,900m

Check-Off Challenge

Congratulations to Linda Hunt and Patricia Grant of Halifax Chronos Masters who recently completed the Check off Challenge (competing in all 18 competition events in a single year or season).

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