Tips to Start the Next Best Season of Your Life

During the summer, some of you kept on training for triathlons or open water swims, but others took some time off. No matter how you chose to spend your summer, here are a few tips to make sure you start on the right foot:

– If you have videos of last season’s races, watch them with your coach to identify which areas you need to focus on when you work on your technique.

– Use the first few weeks of training to make sure your technique is perfect before you start adding intensity in your workouts. By doing it at the beginning of the season, it’ll become a second nature and you’ll be able to swim with a good technique without having to think about it constantly.

– Take some time to work on your dives, turns and push-offs. These are very important parts of your training and races, yet they are rarely worked on.

– Increase the duration and intensity of your workouts gradually. Trying to go too far too fast will only lead to injuries.

– Implement test sets that you’ll repeat during the season. It can be once a week, every other week, every month… Do it as you want, but make sure to be consistent and measure the same variables (stroke count, kick count, heart rate, time, etc.) every time.

– Make sure to add some shoulder stability exercises in your warm-up or dry land program. Shoulder injuries are very common amongst swimmers, and they can take a long time to heal.

– Listen to your body. Once again, don’t try to go too far too fast. The beginning of the season is to get used to training again and to work on your technique. If you’re going too hard and become exhausted, not only you’ll end up with a poor technique, but you’ll find your training much harder than they should be and the motivation to get back in the pool will be hard to find. Go at your own pace and have fun!


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