Swimmer’s profile: Aaron Payam Caracciolo

Aaron started swimming in 2009. For a while, he was swimming on and off at the Y, trying to figure out by himself how to get to an effective training program. After a while, other swimmers started to notice him, and invited him to join their masters swim team. It was then 2014, and he’s been part of the Twillium Y Masters Swim Team since.

Aaron has always been an active person, despite having siblings who aren’t very active themselves. He used to run tracks quite a lot, but an injury forced him to stop and try other activities. As a part of his rehabilitation, he started swimming, and that’s how he discovered the pool and how much he enjoyed it. Tracks had been a big part of his life growing up, but due to multiple injuries that made it more and more difficult as time went by, he had to slow down training, and he doesn’t miss it much now. The feeling you have in the pool, the fact it’s a low-impact sport and that you can swim all your life made it perfect for Aaron to make it his new passion.

Aaron says that in the pool, he feels different. He has to stay focused and pay attention to his technique, and he loves the challenge of it. He feels like he’s one with the water surrounding him, he can feel the benefits in his whole body. Despite being pretty introverted, Aaron is always very positive and energetic in training, and according to his teammates, he’s a great person to have around.

Before settling down in Toronto, Aaron has lived and travelled all around the world. His grandparents are from Iran, but he lived in New Zealand and Toronto. He also lived in Monaco, where he studied in high school, and travelled all around Europe, and Asia, as well as in Canada and the USA. He also has family in Montreal, where he lived for a while before moving back to Toronto. Even though New Zealand was his favourite place to live, Aaron decided to come back to Toronto to be closer to his family, and that’s where he always felt more like home. After seeing so much of the world, he still couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.

Outside of the pool, Aaron has studied biochemistry and pharmaceuticals at the University of Windsor, and he now works with an insurance company. When he’s not working or training, Aaron also likes playing music. He used to play in a band in elementary school, where he learned many different instruments, and still plays piano. His involvement in music lit up his desire to perform, and he’s now putting the same effort and energy into swimming. Even when he’s swimming just for fun, his competitive side takes over, and he likes to turn everything into a race.

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