Reproductive and Pregnancy Outcomes in Elite Athletes- Survey of Canadian Masters Swimmers

Reproductive and Pregnancy Outcomes in Elite Athletes- Survey of Canadian Masters Swimmers


Survey Study on Reproductive and Pregnancy Outcomes of Masters Swimmers


Dear Master swimmer,


You are being asked to consider participating in a research study.  A research study is a way of gathering information on a treatment, procedure or medical device or to answer a question about something that is not well understood.


Please read this consent form carefully and ask any questions you may have to the contact information below. This is a 10-15minute online survey to determine the reproductive benefits or challenges, prevalence of pregnancy complications and pregnancy outcomes in elite and high-level recreational athletes compared to the general Canadian female population.


The survey is anonymous and will inquire into your past medical and pregnancy history. You can choose to not participate, or to stop the survey at any point. Your decision to participate or not to participate will have no effect on your care/status at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre. There are no foreseeable risks to participating in this study. Although there are no direct benefits to participating, the study results could guide the development of new or revised clinical and exercise recommendations to these athletes and their health care providers. Statistics will be taken from the data acquired through this survey. Data will be stored on an encrypted USB in a locked hospital cabinet and discarded after 10 years.


If interested, please Click here to begin the anonymous survey or copy and paste the following link into your web browser: If you have questions about your rights as a research participant or any ethical issues related to this study that you wish to discuss with someone not directly involved with the study, you may call the Chair of the Sunnybrook Research Ethics Board at (416) 480-6100 ext. 88144. 

If you have any questions about this study you may contact the person in charge of this study please feel free to contact me using the information below. By participating in the survey, it is understood that you have given your informed consent.


Thank you for your time.




Karen Fleming MD, MSc, CCFP

Principal Investigator

Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

University of Toronto-affiliated hospital

Co-investigators: Hiba Mahmoud, Susan Hum, Shirley Poon

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