Program News for January 2019

Masters Swimming Canada & our program sponsor Alltides are proud to announce the awarding of 2 prize packs for January. The winners are Chris Smith of Trillium Y Masters Swim Club and Benoit Chouinard of Maîtres à Contre-Courant, who were chosen randomly from the list of swimmers who entered metres in the Million Metre Challenge in the month of January.

The winners will receive a prize of a $100 value, including:

Ultra goggles
Aquam kickboard
Mesh bag
Aquam pull buoy
Aquam water bottle
Alltides swim cap

Million Metre Challenge

The top 5 clubs in the Million Metre Challenge for Januaey 2019 were:

1 Halifax Chronos Masters 906,800m
2 Etobicoke Olympium Masters AC 625,450m
3 Maîtres Pointe-Claire 610,125m
4 Loups Marins Rivière-du-Loup 537,750m
5 Regina Masters Swim Club 476,173m


**Please note swimmers have 30 days from the end of the month to enter metres so totals are subject to change until that time.**

For a full list of results please visit your homepage and click on the MMC icon. You can sort for any month, year, by teams or by province. For more info on how to find the exact list you are looking for please contact Sarah Mailhot.

The top 5 Swimmers in the Million Metre Challenge for January 2019 were:

1 Robert Landriault 139,700m Natation Gatineau (QC)
2 Pierre Veilleux 138,200m Maîtres Nageurs du Québec (QC)
3 Linda Hunt 119,600m Halifax Chronos Masters (NS)
4 Jon Tweedale 104,950m North Shore Masters (BC)
5 Mike Dowling 102,230m North Shore Masters (BC)


For a full list of results visit your homepage and click on the MMC icon. You can sort and search by month, year, province, age group or team. If you are searching for individual swimmers, make sure you click “no” where it says sort by club. If you have any issues finding what you need or if you haven't received your cap/pin after hitting a milestone, please contact Sarah Mailhot.

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