Preparing for disaster

Believe it or not, open water season is (finally) just around the corner. No matter how hard you train and how ready your body is for these swims, sometimes your equipment is just not as ready as you are. Here’s a good training to know how to deal with it while still being efficient during a race.

Total Distance: 3400m

• 4 x 200m warm up
(swim, kick, pull, swim per 200)
• 400m freestyle alternating 4 strokes with head in the water and 4 strokes with head out of the water resting (only breathe when head is out of the water)
• 400m freestyle bilateral breathing
• 4 x 50m goggle recovery drill
(swim down with eyes closed and goggles around your neck, swim back on back with breast stroke kick replacing googles)
• 4 x 50m cap and goggle recovery drill
(swim down with goggles around your neck and cap off tucked in swimsuit, swim back on your back with a breast stroke kick and replace both cap and goggles by the time you get to the wall
• 4 x 50m cramp removal drill
(swim half way down pool then roll over on back and stretch each calve by bending forward and pulling leg back, then grab arms behind back and lift upward to relieve tension in your shoulders, return length swim normally)
• 400m freestyle bilateral breathing
• 8 x 50m sighting every 3rd or 4th stroke, rest 15 sec between 50s
(get into a breathing pattern and sighting on a landmark)
• 400m freestyle warm down with bilateral breathing
(swim slowly and relax)

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