MSC update

Dear Members,

You are receiving this message because you have entered Challenge data in the past. We are updating our records so that MSC might best serve those who wish to continue participating in the Million Metre Challenge and other Challenge programs. A review of Challenge rewards will take place in the new year. MSC is most appreciative of All Tides partnership in this program and we want to ensure our members continue to receive rewards for achieving their milestones.

In the past, Masters Swimmers used to register and pay their MSC fees to their Club, along with the Swimming Canada fee and applicable provincial fee. This year and going forward, registration and MSC fee payment must be done directly on the MSC website at

Swimmers must be current MSC members in order to participate in the Challenge programs offered to members only. If you have registered for 2019-20, you have access to your MSC account and can continue to participate in any of the Challenge programs. If you have not yet registered, you are encouraged to do so over the next couple of weeks so that we can determine the best course of action regarding the future rewards for the programs.

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