MSC Program News for November 2016

Happy Holidays to Everyone from MSC!


MSC Update: We encourage everyone to start using the new website:

You will notice that your metres from August until now are not transferred yet, these will be moved to the new website as soon as the old site shuts down.


** Congratulations to the following swimmers who reached 5 Million Metres over the fall:

Marie Luce Lessard 5,035,475
Sylvie Cloutier 5,050,400


** Congratulations to the following swimmers who reached 2 Million Metres this fall:

John Waddington 2,092,500
Marc Tardif 2,068,900
Steve Horton 2,052,100
Robert Landriault 2,009,250
Jean-François Lecuyer 2,051,100
Conny Stamhuis 2,004,547
Jan Schmidt 2,020,700
Leslie Chisholm 2,000,000
Glen Stickle 2,054,400
Lorraine Tellier 2,045,400
Bendy Tingley 2,040,800
Ami Trauber 2,036,200
Jessica Grosman 2,036,200
Catherine Bureau 2,025,400
Rose Szittner 2,023,804


** The top 5 clubs in the Million Metre Challenge for November 2016 were:

1 Nepean Masters Swim Club 1,411,800
2 Maîtres Pointe-Claire 1,270,600
3 Halifax Chronos Masters 1,202,300
4 Regina Masters Swim Club 1,186,200
5 Trillium Y Masters Swim Club 1,114,275


**We are unable to list everyone who has achieved an award level, so each month we will be highlighting a few individual achievements and other notable news in the Million Metre Challenge.


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  1. Boy this is confusing!! Lack of information about the switch over, would have been nice if you would have kept up the original site until this one is actually FINISHED, but at present it does not seem finished, i can not login here and i can not find the million meters challenge page - what is this all about??