MSC Program News

Million Metre Challenge News:

*This month we will delay posting the top 5 clubs and swimmers in the MMC until swimmers who are registering with MSC for the first time are able to access and enter all their metres into the system. It has taken some time for MSC and SNC to coordinate our registrations, but the process is almost complete. We appreciate your patience.   Expect to see some changes to the club totals for September and October as we are allowing these swimmers to back date their metres to the start of the season. We will post the top 5 clubs and swimmers for November as soon as possible.

For those of you who passed a milestone or are owed awards, expect to receive those over the holidays. Keep your eye out for a new look to the awards… More on that next week on the website. If you think you have been missed receiving an award at any point, don’t hesitate to contact Wade James at

Please note that if you were registered with a club when you started the MMC and are no longer with a club and swim on your own, you can continue participating in the programs by joining the “Challenges Team”. For a nominal fee, you can use the programs and access the website without having to register for competitive swimming. You get full access to the programs and awards but are unable to enter competitive swimming events. Please note that after December 31, 2017, you must be either registered as a “programs only swimmer” with MSC or registered for the season via your provincial registrar for the competitive season for access to the MSC website. Should you need further clarification or assistance please contact Marcia Barrett at or for program information.

In 1K Challenge News:

The top time of the month was done by Martin Bouchard of LMRL in 14:57.00. Congratulations to him and all those who participated.

Thank you to all those who tried out the “Timed 10” we will be watching to see how much you improved over your last swim and who knows you might get a prize if beat your own time by a good margin.


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