MSC Program News

2017 Canadian Masters Swimming Championships

May 12th - 14th 2017 Registration is now open!


MMC News

The tracking software that updates the awards for the MMC has now been completed. Over the next month we will be sending out and updating the awards for the MMC. If you passed an award level in January or February and think you were missed please contact Wade James and he will be happy to send them out right away.



Please note that the Million Metre Challenge “APP” is being reworked to adapt to the new website, we expect it to be back up and running by the beginning of June.


The top 5 clubs* in the Million Metre Challenge for February 2017 were:

1. Nepean Masters Swim Club 1,173,800
2. Halifax Chronos Masters 1,004,065
3. Maitres Pointe-Claire 953,920
4. Aurora Master Ducks 612,975
5. Regina Masters Swim Club 588,400


*Totals are taken 2 days before the program news is posted to the MSC website. Totals may vary day to day as the rules for entering metres allow for entries 30 days after the end of any month.


1K Challenge News

Congratulations to the following people who completed the 1K Challenge in March 2017:

Liam O’Brien ROCK
Kimberley Davis MPM
Matt Agar TRAY
Amalie Roy CNMM

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