MSC Program News

Mark your calendar everyone! The dates for MSC Nationals are

May 12th- 14th 2017 Registration opening soon!

2017 Canadian Masters Swimming Championships meet package is now available here.


Million Metre Challenge News:

MSC would like to thank everyone for their patience while we migrate data & information to the new website. While there have been some issues with people’s profiles and metres we have corrected most of them and are working through them as fast as we can. If you see any issues with your profile or metres please contact Wade James. Keep in mind that no metres are ever lost or irretrievable, we keep backup copies of every swimmer’s log & metres and are able to correct any issues.


Please note that the Million Metre Challenge “APP” is being reworked to adapt to the new website, we expect it to be back up and running by the beginning of June. A huge thank you to Etienne Beaule who has volunteered his time and effort to creating & maintaining this application. 


The top 5 clubs in the Million Metre Challenge for December 2016 were:

1. Nepean Masters Swim Club 1,086,035
2. Maitres Pointe-Claire 924,500
3. Halifax Chronos Masters 852,728
4. Trillium Y Masters Swim Club 815,341
5. Aurora Master Ducks 623,050


The top 5 Swimmers in the Million Metre Challenge for December 2016 were:

1.  Patricia Grant - Halifax Chronos Masters 159,378
2.  Megan Dodge - Nepean Masters 147,950
3.  Linda Hunt - Halifax Chronos Masters 145,500
4.  George Babits - Trillium Y Masters 123,900
5.  Robert Landriault - Maitres Natation Gatineau 120,900

*Totals are taken 2 days before the program news is posted to the MSC website. Totals may vary day to day as the rules for entering metres allow entries 30 days back.


1K Challenge News

Congratulations to the following people who completed the 1K Challenge in December 2016 and January 2017

Stéphane Thomas NN          Will Van Niekerk OAK Cory Kawa THOR
Chris Yuen TYMS Emily Slaney OAK Deborah Floden SEA
Anibal Jodocovsky MPC Janice Barker OAK Annick O’Shaughnessy MPC
Shelagh Inman OAK Molly Harper MPC Bryan Finlay LSD


Check-Off Challenge News

Congratulations to Christine Cardinal & Lisa Osterland of Westmount YMCA and to Helene Jacques of CMNQ who all recently completed the Check off Challenge (competing in all 18 competition events in a single year or season.) Hats off to them!

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