Message From Our New President

October 31, 2017

Dear Members,

I am pleased, and honoured, to have been elected as President of Masters Swimming Canada.

It is with a source of pride that I am able to work with a unified, dedicated and hardworking board of directors selfishly volunteering their respective personal times in order to build the masters community across the country. Also, under the direction of our Executive Director Doug Hannum, we have the good fortune to have a staff committed to providing a platform for our members to have fun, and all while keeping fit and healthy, in order to swim for life. You can find all of us and our respective positions on MSC’s new and improved website.

The MSC swimming community will become more strongly unified. To continue to move forward, we must utilize up to date technologies, and sophisticated communications tools, and we feel that will allow us all to grow together in a positive way.  The partnerships we are creating are professional and that will also allow for a more stable environment for growth and opportunities for new programs. We are looking to support you in all of those. That could include learning to swim, motivation to train (at all hours) as a competitive swimmer to achieve personal best times, maybe an open water swimmer or triathlete fighting the waves and cold. Or, an individual being involved for individual fun and fitness while having the opportunity to be part of our community. We will strive to utilize all of the professional national tools and resources available. That would include long overdue needs unique to masters, such as coaching, officiating, administrative networking and training clinics.

I was introduced to the water before I could walk, and started swimming competitively at 6 years old with NYAC, no goggles and holds barred. But, like many masters swimmers, ended up taking off many years (each of us for different reasons) before coming back to the sport that I love.  Over those many years I’ve seen that Swimmers are in top form, and having the most fun, when working hard together at practice, supporting each other during competitions and even getting together for social events.

Our ultimate goal is to encourage and help everyone have fun in the water in a safe and healthy environment, and to swim our whole lives.

We thank you for your patience as we strive to integrate these important parts of our family into the organization.  We are open to your input and will strive to grow the Masters’ competitive and non-competitive community across the country.


Best wishes in swimming for as long as we can.


Ralph Ades,

President, MSC

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