Canaqua Sports Swim Run Challenge

The Canaqua Sports SwimRun Challenge

Canaqua Sports is proud to present the inaugural season of the Canaqua Sports SwimRun Challenge. The event started in Europe, and we are excited to bring it to Ontario for the first time.

In SwimRun events, competitors must complete an alternating series of swims and runs through a designated course, with the primary rule being that whatever equipment they start with they must finish with. To literally speaking they must swim with their shoes on and run with their caps and goggles in hand.

For our first season we have selected 2 locations. Kivi Park in Sudbury with a 17K course and the Welland Canal with a shorter 8k course. Come on out and try this new and exciting event.

Swimrun Characteristics

Like all endurance events the SwimRun Challenge has its own features that make it unique and challenging

  • Multiple legs, whereby the athletes alternate being swimming and running numerous times
  • Swimming aids (Paddles, fins, pull buoys and wetsuits) are permitting, but must be worn/carried during the run.  Likewise, running shoes must be worn or carried during the swim.

For more information or to register go to our website.

Sudbury SwimRun Challenge
July 30, 2017

Coming up fast is our first event the Sudbury SwimRun Challenge being held in beautiful Kivi Park in Sudbury Ontario. With 17 kilometres of swims and runs this event is sure to challenge all who are there . Space is still available for this our Inagural SwimRun event.

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Welland SwimRun Challenge 
September 9, 2017

For those looking for a shorter event come on out to the Welland Canal on September 9 for the Welland SwimRun Challenge. With a total distance of 8k  of which of which over 3k is swimming, this event is great for the swimmer who wants to try something new, and for anyone looking at more of a sprint distance event.

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