Special Budapest Blog!

Come on our blog from August 1-20 to read special Budapest swimmer's profile and consult a daily list of Canadian swimmers and medallists every day during the meet (August 14-20)!

The entry list for swimming is available here: https://masters.fina-budapest2017.com/uploads/static_page/documents/MuploadDocument_111/Swimming.pdf

The entry list for open water is available here: http://mastersbudapest2017.microplustiming.com//openwater/export/Kazan_0516_Ago_2015/OW/pdf/OW_Entry.pdf?x=%3C?PHP%20echo%20$rnd;%20?%3E

You can find the daily swimming schedule here: https://masters.fina-budapest2017.com/en/events

The heat sheets are available at the bottom of this page: https://masters.fina-budapest2017.com/en/swimming-2

Follow Team Canada in Budapest by joining the Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/129847620954352/

The pool layout for the meet is available here: https://masters.fina-budapest2017.com/uploads/static_page/documents/MuploadDocument_481/SWIMMING%20PROGRAM.pdf

And finally, a list of all the Canadians swimming in Budapest: Canadian swimmers in Budapest (name only)



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