MSC Program News for December 2017


For those of you who received awards over the holidays, you already know about our new MMC Program sponsor: Alltides. We would like to welcome and thank them for their support and sponsorship of the Million Metre Challenge Program. You can visit their website at

The top 5 clubs in the Million Metre Challenge for December 2017 were:

**please note swimmers have 30 days from the end of the month to enter metres so totals are subject to change until that time.**

1 Halifax Chronos Masters SC 932,550m
2 Regina Masters Swim Club 554,875m
3 Maîtres Pointe-Claire 548,652m
4 Rocky Island Masters Swimming 485,815m
5 Westmount YMCA Maîtres Nageurs 388,475m


For a full list of results please visit your homepage, and click on the MMC icon. You can sort and research by month, year, provinces and teams. For more info on how to find the exact list you’re looking for please, contact Wade James.


The top 5 Swimmers in the Million Metre Challenge for December 2017 were:

1 Pierre Veilleux 150,000m Unattached Quebec (QC)
2 Linda Hunt 131,600m Halifax Chronos Masters (NS)
3 Patricia Grant 128,100m Halifax Chronos Masters (NS)
4 Bruce Drover 111,300m Rocky Swimming (NFLD)
5 Mike Dowling 103,600m North Shore Masters (BC)


For a full list of results visit your homepage, and click on the MMC icon. You can sort and search by month, year, provinces, age group or team. If you are searching for just individual swimmers, make sure you click “no” where it says sort by club. If you have any issues finding what you need, please contact Wade James.

1K Challenge News

Congratulations to Robert Landriault of Natation Gatineau who posted a time of 13:57.00

The Timed 10

The “Timed 10” is a program designed to show and compare your improvement and results over the season. Therefore, we will not be ranking or showing people distances compared to other people in order to not make it competitive or a race against other people. You may have the largest margin or percentage of improvement, and yet be much slower or faster than the next person. Therefore only judge you by you… a good motto in life and swimming. You can view everyone results by clicking on the Timed 10 icon on your homepage. Just remember that we are all starting our swimming careers at different stages—some comparisons mean nothing.

Check-off Challenge News

Congratulations to Chantal Venne of C.N. St.-Laurent and Gail Desjardins of La Vague de Brossard who both completed all 18 swimming events in competitions in the last year.

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