2015–2018 MSC Strategic Plan

In late 2015, the Board of Directors approved a new Strategic Plan for Masters Swimming Canada.

Provide leadership and enable 18+ Canadians in the participation in masters swimming; engaging them throughout a lifetime of growth, discovery, and personal achievement

To promote involvement and lifelong engagement in the masters swimming community through programs, competition, coaching, and strategic partnerships

Going forward, MSC will work to accomplish the following 5 key strategic objectives

Grow MSC’s Capacity and Resources
To increase the financial, human capital, and technological resources of the organization over the next three years by exploring opportunities to grow revenues and by leveraging partnerships and volunteers

Enhance Communication with all Stakeholders
To ensure that the goals and aspirations of MSC are understood and acknowledged by all stakeholders, that messages conveyed by the organization are aligned with its mission and vision, and that all stakeholders always receive the right information at the right time

Strengthen Partnerships with Stakeholders
To increase MSC’s partnership with other swimming organizations in Canada to ensure these stakeholders are aligned and engaged with MSC

Improve Membership Experience

To acknowledge the different needs of each swimmer segment and improve the swimmer’s experience through tailored programs and services

Participate in Coach Development
To have a clear level of involvement in the development of masters coaches and the delivery of coaching programs

The organization is currently focused on achieving these objectives. If you have any questions or if you would like a copy of the plan, please contact Doug Hannum — doughannum@mastersswimming.ca

Please note that the French version of the plan will be available soon.

New Study available

Heather McCracken is a fourth-year Kinesiology student at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology, currently recruiting participants for her research practicum questionnaire focusing on Canadian Masters and recreational athletes that are aged 55 and up.
Self-reported Sedentary Time Among Recreational and Masters Athletes Aged 55 and Older. It is a quick online questionnaire that participants may enter in a draw for 1 of $5 50 gift cards at the end. The link for the online version of the questionnaire ishttp://goo.gl/forms/wVxy9u2o21.

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