Monthly Archives: September 2018

Swimmer’s profile: Stephanie Dancey

What made you choose swimming? As I approached 50 years old, I wanted a sport where I could maintain a high level of fitness and achieve various goals. I had a bum knee (chondromalacia - a fancy word for thinning of the cartilage on my left knee) so I needed a sport that was easy on…
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AGM Notice of Meeting

Please click on the following link to see the Notice of Masters Swimming Canada Annual General Meeting: Notice of Meeting
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MSC Program News for August 2018

Masters Swimming Canada & our program sponsor Alltides are proud to announce the awarding of 2 prize packs for August. The winners are Joy Friesen of Prince Albert Sharks Masters (BC), and Bernard Brouillet of Calgary Masters Swim Club (AB), who were chosen randomly from the list of swimmers who entered metres in the Million Metre Challenge…
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