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5 Race Day Nutrition Tips for Swimmers

The original post can be found here. Confused about what to eat on race day? Here are some proven tips from NC State’s Director of Sports Nutrition to make sure you eat and swim well the day of the big meet. The work has been done, you’ve thrown down some cash on a new racing suit,and now it’s time…
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Swimmer’s profile: Andrea Douglas

This profile was written by Andrea herself. I got my first “real” bathing suit for my 50th birthday. I’d started swimming Masters with a local Ottawa club a couple of years before and my two competitive swimming daughters were mortified that I wore a no name Zeller’s faded one piece that I’d probably owned for…
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Masters Swim Clinic with Martha McCabe!

The Head to Head adult swim clinic (25yrs+) hosted by 2X Olympian Martha McCabe will focus on stroke efficiency and power in the water (1hr 30), followed by a poolside chat (30min) and and a casual gathering at The East of Brunswick Pub for a chance to ask Martha about your personal swimming questions. Each…
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