Monthly Archives: July 2017

Special Budapest Blog!

Come on our blog from August 1-20 to read special Budapest swimmer's profile and consult a daily list of Canadian swimmers and medallists every day during the meet (August 14-20)! The entry list for swimming is available here: The entry list for open water is available here:$rnd;%20?%3E You can find the daily swimming…
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Canadian Masters Open Water Swimming Championship

Just over 2 weeks to go until the Canadian Masters Open Water Swimming Championships, and registrations are coming in fast. Advanced registrations close on AUGUST 8, 2017, so get your registrations in and come on out to the Welland Canal for a great swim! ...SPREAD THE WORD! For the second year in a row Canaqua…
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Why are women so keen on swimming

The original article was originally published here. MSC has no link to the books in the article. TREADING water, sinking like a stone or riding the wave: there is something about water that makes it a good metaphor for life. That may be one reason why so many find solace in swimming when life’s seas…
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