Monthly Archives: January 2016

MSC Programs News

The top five clubs in the Million Metre Challenge for December 2015 were: 1. Halifax Chronos Masters SC (1,253,750m) 2. Trillium Y Masters Swim Club (1,214,650m) 3. Maitres Pointe-Claire Masters (1 ,195,650m) 4. Nepean Masters Swim Club (1,096,300m) 5. Aurora Master Ducks (890,600m) The top 5 Swimmers in the Million Metre Challenge for December 2015…
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What to do if you’re getting back to swimming

New year, new you, right? For some of you, 2016 will be the year you decided to get back in shape—swimming is perfect for that! If you used to swim before and decided to get back to it after a long break, here are some things to remember: 1- Forget the swimmer you used to…
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2015–2018 MSC Strategic Plan

In late 2015, the Board of Directors approved a new Strategic Plan for Masters Swimming Canada. VISION STATEMENT: Provide leadership and enable 18+ Canadians in the participation in masters swimming; engaging them throughout a lifetime of growth, discovery, and personal achievement MISSION STATEMENT: To promote involvement and lifelong engagement in the masters swimming community through…
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